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William "Bill" Siveter


Always in action

  • Founder and CEO of Platinum Advertising
  • Founder and President of Sales 4U
  • Founder and President of Platinum Kids Foundation
  • Founder and CEO of Aggregated Home Services
  • Founder and CEO of Platinum H.G.
  • Founder and CEO of Gulfview404
  • Founder and CEO of Triple Diamond & Associates
  • Founder and CEO of G.O.A.T. Insurance

William Siveter is a seasoned veteran in direct marketing. He began his career at the age of fourteen selling newspapers. At the age of sixteen, his manager quickly recognized that William had great salesmanship and management skills. His manager promoted him to be an assistant manager at the age of eighteen. At the age of nineteen, William Siveter realized that he had a knack for outbound sales and marketing and decided his life mission would be helping entrepreneurs succeed. He quickly took it on himself to recruit, train and motivate hundreds of entrepreneurs. Hundreds of these individuals have reached significant six figure and seven figure incomes. To date, he has trained thousands of entrepreneurs. Several of his team members have hit the million dollar status. One of his team members became a millionaire through one of his businesses. 


William feels the need to create an easy to duplicate system that allows others to take advantage of success strategies that were developed by Platinum Advertising and other highly successful visionaries. These strategies are what have allowed William and his team to remain in the direct marketing industry for so many years now. These strategies have also made it possible to help others grow their own wealth. He hired the best of the top to support his ventures and he is not afraid to hire exceptionally talented individuals to help drive the ship. The stage is now ready for others to thrive and reach their professional and personal goals! William Siveter is a serial entrepreneur. He has created multiple national companies. He surrounds himself with passionate, smart, winners, who refuse to lose, and leaders. The world has yet seen his full potential. I’m excited to see where he goes next.